My computer shuts off when i use pcsx2

What temperature does your CPU reach just before shutting off?

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Did you apply the thermal paste before attaching the heat sink to your CPU?

I have a friend who failed to do so and as a result, his computer continued to overheat after 5 mins running.
I dont know how to do the thermal paste thing, and my cpu reaches about 49 celcius , but it only reaches this wen i go on pcsx
For thermal compound, I recommend Arctic Silver 5. Does a great job, but if you're a newbie I wouldn't apply it yourself.
What exactly does that do ?
...*sigh*...just take it to a guy that can work on a computer the right way and tell him to do it.

It's something you have to buy, and you don't exactly sound like the type that can buy and do the work yourself.

What does it do? It's a compound containing elements that are best for conducting heat. It's a heat conductor, that's what it is. In the case of Arctic Silver 5, the element is Silver, which is the best conductor.
(06-16-2012, 09:36 PM)dookieboii24 Wrote: Okay ive recently tried to hook up pcsx2 and i went on youtube and followed peoples steps but as soon as i run pcsx my computer shuts down ?
i dont know if its my computer or not ? i dont know how to configure it... and i want to play both kingdom hearts game sooooo bad

-I have a Gateway Computer
-Gt5662 Quad-Core Power
-Graphic Card ATI Radeon HD 2400XT
-and my Processor is AMD Phenom 9

please someone help me!

btw i downloaded project64 and i had no problem with that

I have the same problem too!my computer shut down itself after some time
The game speed is 100%
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