My congrats, an speed tip and a one hardware question ...
Frist I wanted to say thanks you guys for this awesome emulator, second I discovered a "tip" for getting a lilĀ“more fps, when i see some of the "best pcsx2" configs, I have noticed that they use the zerospu2 with timescaling chequed, so i was wondering, What could possibly happend if I disable this? .... well, it happends that the sound is screw up, but then I enable mute and I start to listen to some music XD, and the result is that actually I gained from 5-8 more fps, wich is an amazing increase for me XD, I was very happy cause when I was playing Final Fantasy XII, before that, I was getting from 30-35 fps, and now im getting from 40-45, wich it makes it even more enjoyable! (Of corse if you dont mine to receive no sound from it XD). Now the question ... Im going to buy a new graphic card, so the only one i was able to get in my country was the geforce 9500gt. Is this a good graphic card? cause i was trying to compare it with the 8800gt and they look kinda similar ... but do you think is a good card? I wasnt able to find any good card above that ... well I actually found the 9800gt but its way too expensive x.x Thanks!
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8800gt is much better; try and get this if you can still return the card you have right now. What is your budget?
Almost any modern card, budget or otherwise will suffice to run pcsx2 at a good frame rate.
(This is of course at native or slightly higher resolution. When you start jacking up the internal res very high, then having a better card will come in handy.)

9 times out of 10 your limiting factor for speed is CPU.
That would also be the reason you're seeing more FPS when you mute your SPU plugin, it's less to emulate. I would suggest you switch to SPU-X btw.
If you like to have a power saver one buy the 9500GT if you want POWER go get the 8800.
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Why are u going to buy a 9500GT ?? Buy a 9600GT instead. It's almost the same thing as 8800. I have one, it's a very GOOD graphics card, and it's much more cheap than the 8800 series and it has almost the same performance.

I don't know why people buy the 9500 series when there's a 9600.............................................

Here.. You can compare (Look at specifications):



9500GT is completely inferior to 9600GT.

9500GT texture fill rate (billion/sec): 8.8
9600GT texture fill rate (billion/sec): 20.8
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As Trigun said, almost any half-decent modern card will suffice for PCSX2, as it really isn't that GPU intensive.

From what I understand, just don't get an ATi card if you want optimal performance.
Well... That is not necessarily true... Unless you want to play all the games in GSdx native d3d internal res, which looks horrible. I recommend using Pcsx2 with the highest GSdx resolution as possible.
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Well, I suppose it's a big deal if you're one of those playing with an internal res of 2048x2048 or something.
No way, 9600GT cannot get that high without losing speed on Pcsx2 =P And my monitor max res is 1440x900 Smile
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1366x768 for me. Great for keeping system requirements down, not so great for super-sharp visuals. My CPU is pants for PCSX2 anyway. Speedhacks FTW
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