My dualshock 3 won't work with this?
I just used the libusb and registered my dualshock 3, without the MI hex thing. And I the only thing I set on the controller settings was dualshock 3 native mode. Yet when I start the game, none of the buttons work. In fact, now my controller won't even stay lit up when i plug it in. It flashes for a bit then quickly stops flashing at all.

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You don't need libusb, get the latest version of motioninjoy/ds3 tool and take it from there. I recommend setting it to 360 mode, it's the most compatible. I use my DS3 for every emulator
Yeah, sadly we have to put the dualshock 3 as an X360 controller for it to work smoothly, hope Sony will wake up one day and realize what MS has been doing on the controller market for PC games Laugh Nearly every modern game has native support for the 360 pad.

On the other end, did you manually map the pad button or is the native support supposed to do it for you ? 'cause I had to set up each and every button myself in the controller plugin config tool with my emulated 360 pad. But I guess that if native mode worked correctly you wouldn't have to, anyone succeded ?
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you can either keep your dualshock tethered with the usb or wireless with bluetooth support! like the aforementioned posts said motionjoy has a ds3 tool:
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native mode has the most future-capabilities that can be implemented.

the others are locked to the capabilities of the api, which are suceded by the capabilities of the controller.

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