My emulator PCSX2 v0.9.5 didn't work
Hello, i'm newbie here, when i got this emulator, my emulator didnt want to startup. It's appear error code like this:
[Image: untitled3.jpg]
how it can happen?
how can i fix it?
anyone want to help me?Sad
Thanx b4.....Biggrin

my comp spec:
Intel dual core @1,80Ghz
3GB ram
Nvidia GeForce 8500GT 256mb
windows xp sp 2

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try pcsx2 works Cool
(07-20-2009, 06:09 PM)SonyE Wrote: try pcsx2 works Cool

but, do you know what happen on my emu?Sad
Just an error that was probably fixed in 0.9.6, meaning it really doesn't matter. Just keep pcsx2 updated and you won't have to worry about this kind of stuff.
This was a common problem in versions of PCSX2 prior to 0.9.6. Sometimes restarting your computer would fix it. If not, then you might have to unload resident programs, like virus scanners, instant messengers (skype is a particularly bad one for breaking old versions of PCSX2), etc.

... or get 0.9.6. It doesn't have this issue. Smile
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team

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