My experience on the PCSX2 emulator fyi (Final Fantasy X, on disk) A

I just wanted to post my experiences with the program I have had. This is sort of a review of the enjoyment I have had, along side of some bugs I encountered.

In short, I love it.

I run a pretty mean computer, so everything ran smooth and quick.

Here are some slight issues I had that in no way ruined the experience of playing the game.

- If I idled for more then about 30 seconds or so, the game would freeze up to read the disk. Only for a couple of seconds at the most.

- I set my resolution very high, 1824 x 1026. The graphics were absolutely stunning. I am assuming the better resolution must have had an effect on this. It also had an adverse effect of making text look awkward. Random lines and squiggles were around the words, but they were all readable. This was in the menu's mostly.

- Probably the most bizarre issue I had was on the airship room that heads to the outside, the elevator room, and another room in that region (but not outside itself) along with the first puzzle room in Zanarkand, the walking controls switched and became backwards. I could pass back and forth between the two puzzle rooms in Zanarkand even though there was no zone line between them and it would still do it, too.

- I had one event of Auron's overdrive freezing up, causing him to run infinitely.

- Occasionally, in battle, the center character would stand facing me instead of the enemy. Some larger enemies, including Jecht (to my disappointment) would face away from the camera. This bug also had a tenancy to make the character in the center who was facing the wrong way run all the way around the screen before slashing the enemy.

- I had one cut scene where the character, I believe it was Rikku, finished her lines in a very quick manner, the text and her lips had to catch up. It sunk back up afterwards, though.

All in all, I was very impressed. I had no idea emulation had become so far advanced. I hit game stop today and purchased a couple more titles so I can test them out and I'll post my findings if you are interested.

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Hello. Smile
What are your system specs?

Those "random lines" with text are an unavoidable side-effect from up-scaling the internal res.

The strange behavior of characters may be fixed with clamping on full (Config -> Emulation Settings -> EE/IOP).

And just to make sure;&nbsp You do know that running from an ISO will help, right?

Processor: Intel i7-2600 @ 3.4 ghz (8 cpus) --- 64 bit
Memory: 8 GB Ram
Video card: GeForce GTS 450 1 GB
Operating systems: Windows 7
Monitor: 46" Sharp Aquios LED 1080P HDTV
(HDMI cable from PC to TV of course)
My sound card is just an on board one. The sound is currently just going thru the HDMI to the TV, this weekend I'll have a surround sound system though Laugh

My knowledge of computers has faded over the years, I used to be really good with this kind of stuff but as time went on I couldn't keep up with it. Hope this is enough information for you.

As for your tips, thank you for the information. I will try and see. As for the iso, i am sure that would make a big difference, that is a good point.

Edit: I forgot to mention I have one of those store packaged hydro coolers for the CPU as well Smile
Nice system. Smile

Make sure you use a reliable program for making the ISO, like ImgBurn.

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