My game test thread
Ok basically i will test games that have nothing, intro or menus status in the compat list with official 0.9.8 and latest 0.9.9 revs and report if the status is changed.

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ok... and im taking it you havent done any of this yet? if so, wouldnt it have been better to post after you have tested at least a few of them?
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nope. i haven't tested any of them yet, but will start very soon. I will also post Sony IDs (serial) cause i once got ripped off. BTW i never mess with the settings and leave everything default.
Alone in the dark (E) SLES-55207: latest rev crashes with a windows send/don't send error, same with 0.9.8
Spy Hunter (U) SLUS-20056: still can't get past the load screen (stack overflow)
Age of empires 2 (E) SLES-50282: language menu only
Need for speed Carbon (U) SLUS-21493: the intro is laggy as hell on the latest rev and still can't get past load screen
Mafia (U) SLUS-20671: still hangs at the intro screen
MGS 3 Subsistense: (E) SLES-82042: status correct, working as it should
Need for Speed Most Wanted (E) SLES-53557: in 0.9.8 there are some lags in menus and in-game, but still playable. Latest rev screwed it up: it's very unresponsive and the graphics are really laggy and somewhat corrupted, the sound works fine though
You can always just take some screenshots and post your results in the videos/screenshots thread or even contribute to the wiki:

It's easier for other users to find the info in a single place rather than scattered in different posts.
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