My games are running very slow
pc specs are:
intel core™ i7-3612QM dual 2.10 GHz, 2.10 GHz
Ram: 8GB
Video: 1GB
Graphic card: Radeon ™ HD 7670M
why are all my games so slow? is my pc bad or something if so, what are good specs to run the emulator? if my pc is alright or acceptable then what do i do? what are the best configs? i tried alot of different settings and sometimes it runs so fast in a game its silly but then drops so slow, it isnt stable at all. plz help Smile

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Hi Jilany!

Yes im afraid your laptop is a little bit slow for the emulator, as a whole the emulation of PS2 is quite demanding.

We generally recommend a reasonable graphics card (the one you have is fine in that respect) and a quad core processor running at 3.4Ghz or higher. We generally recommend intel chips over AMD ones also as they tend to be a bit quicker, also the newer AMD's have a bit of an issue with multithreading on the emulator, despite taking advantage of the extra Processor Technologies like the intels do Smile

Also i will note that laptops aren't overly designed for the load emulators cause on the system, it tends to make them overheat a bit lol. All i can suggest in the midterm is updating to the latest SVN build from our download page and playing with the speedhacks, maybe try using the presets at the bottom of the Config->Emulation Settings window, also make sure that GSDX has "Native" ticked (however this part will make little difference i suspect)
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Thanks a lot refraction Smile Have a nice day.
Keep in mind that you WILL be able to run some games at full speed like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy X so it's a lot game-dependent. Which games have you tried?
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