My limits
Specs :

4gb ram

AMD Althon 2 x4 2.9 @ 3.2

ATI 5770

My games like kh2fm run slow in some places can a new GS help that?

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Does EE/GS% reaches around 100%? Then it's cpu limitation, using some speedhacks can potentially help, at least using recommended ones should be fine without any sideeffects, or trying with sliders if you already had recommended on, through those speedhacks can and usually break things, and if you had them on from the start, you could decrese or turn them off, as they potentially can actually slow the games in more demanding moments and just fake fps.

If none of those % reaches 100% then it can be your GPU limitation, and you could decrease internal res in GSdx option or try to enable/disable "allow 8-bit textures" as that option can potentially speedup or slowdown the game alot at times, it's different for all games(and sometimes even works differently in same game at different scenes). Your GPU through should be good enough soo unless you did set your internal res too high, you shouldn't be limited with GPU.

Edit: also if your CPU limitation is GS thread(high GS%), you can try svn builds from here, as one of the mayor changes - gif transfer rewrite helped with it's speed alot. And if it's EE thread, you could also try those builds, for MTVU speedhack, which divides VU1 thread from EE one, potentially speeding up lots of previously EE thread limited games especially on cpu's with 3+ cores.
TY! game runs fine I get like a breezer the never reach 100% EE will once in a while but GS is in low or mid 60's is that bad? I doubt it's my GPU it's a damn good video card.

EDIT: Your awesome i never get BELOW mid 40 fps! and my game runs at 55-67 fps alltime!

EDIT with ee hack Never below 45fps now it's mids 50's TY SO MUCH!
5770 is a very good budget card in my opinion too, I have it now for almost a year and it never let me down Smile But high EE/GS is mostly that your CPU is indeed the bottleneck Smile I noticed it myself aswell before I had this CPU I've got now. Now I really need to do my best in PCSX2 to get my EE higher then 30% Tongue
I love my 5770 to death best 140$ i've EVER spent at compusa I NEVER will buy a NIVIDA card EVER AGAIN. Is high ee bad or good, I get 69 fps alltime and loewest in mid 50s. (with speed hacks)
EE/GS = mainly an indication of how high the load is on the emulator, but u can say that if your EE/GS are near 100% your CPU is the biggest bottleneck or in other words your CPU is too slow for the game Smile
Ya, I'll also add to what StriFe said. You shouldn't need to worry about it too much. As long as your EE isn't maxing during the heaviest parts of your game you should still be ok. So i.e. even if it's 90% during that time, you shouldn't see any problems. It just means your getting close to your limits.
90% is still on a high side and u would notice quite a little slowdown on the game Smile Not 100% sure, but I would say 60 - 70% Load would be the max. to play a game with hardly no slowdowns Smile
Now I get 90 - 100% ee is that bad?
I guess a Coder or Bosit/Shadow Lady can give u a straight answer, I'm not 100% sure if the EE Loadage at 90-100% is worse then a GS Loadage of 90 - 100%!!

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