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My limits
Indeed, StriFe. Addisonswim, you may notice some problems if you aren't at the part of the game yet where it peaks the load on the emulator which has happened to me before on new boss fights etc. I'd be playing like RE4 up till the worm boss and I had been rite about where your EE is now with no problem then that boss popped the EE over 100 and had a little stuttering. You are indeed close to a bottleneck with the EE being that high.

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(09-17-2011, 11:47 PM)addisonswim Wrote: Now I get 90 - 100% ee is that bad?

It's normal, it shows the load on the EE thread on PCSX2, says your CPU is limiting you right now but some more speedhacks might help with that.
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