My pad is mouse, pad and keyboard at the same time
Hi fellow pcsx2 users!

I´m having a big issue, and really didn't know what to do to solve it (probably it´s the controller, but I have to ask anyways).

Everything is perfect, except for the fact that my pad has decides yo be a pad, a mouse and a keyboard at the same time. And it does this by default, both left (L2) and right shoulders (R2) are also left and right mouse button, so when I try yo use them, they didn´t work properly.

I´m trying to play Jak & Daxter II and I can´t transform into Dark Jak and I can neither go up with any vehicle. I have disabled the mouse focus, and even disconnected my mouse from the computer USB port, but the isse still exists.

Any idea of what should I do?

Or any idea of what I have to do for the emulator to NOT detect any mouse at all?

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