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My pcsx2 0.9.8 experience
Just thought i'd share it Tongue, i play tested more games then i listed here but i only pointed out the ones that sticked out compared to 0.9.7 (mostly used the r2680 i found it to be the best for my games, though i did tried them with later versions of 0.9.7).

Robot Alchemic Drive NTSC: seems like performance improved for one playable mech while it decreased/stayed the the same for other two playable mechs lol (the only noticeable difference between the mechs is that the later two that have frame drops can transform maybe that's what causing it oO).

Namco vs Capcom: speed improved, now at constant playable speed.

Atelier Iris 2: intro now works fine (0.9.7 had a few hickups).

Rogue Galaxy: speed improved in cutscenes, gameplay still slow though.

Hack Gu vol 1: seems to work great, last time i tried it was kind of slow, though i can't remember which PCSX2 i used (and by the time i remembered that i should have tested it with the other 0.9.7 versions i already deleted the image and was to lazy to remake it Tongue)...

Tenchu 3: greatly improved their are still some small slowdowns in certain parts of an area but glitches have been solved and speed has been improved most of the time being full speed.

Ikkitousen Shining Dragon: performance decreased a tiny bit compared to 0.9.7, also their seem to be small graphical flickering rarely on screen with Kan'u.

Wild Arms 5: performance somewhat 0.9.7 level but has graphic glitches near the village ouside area.

Tenchu Fatal Shadows: now seems to work nicely, it had a visual glitch in 0.9.7, gone in 0.9.8.

Zone Of Enders 2: improved speed, still not at playable speed Tongue.

Xenosaga Ep I: it seems a bit more buggy and slower then it was with 0.9.7 mainly with speed hacks (just one level raised for EE cyclerate and VU stealing), which don't do nearly as much for it as they did in 0.9.7.

Star Ocean till the end of time: speed improved a bit, but now needs interlacing.

Wild Arms Alter Code F: Performance improved now runing at full speed, the only problem o found atm was that it has a few artifacts on the world map.

Radiata Stories: performance improved but still no full speed in crowded areas.

Sakura Taisen Atsuki Chishio ni: huge speed boost works great XD.

Timespliters 2: now working great and at full speed.

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Rengou Vs Zaft: speed improved, except one menu seems everything is alright.

God Of War: performance improved a bit over 0.9.7, it works full speed if speed hacks are used, if only their was a fix for the kratos model to stop flickering every now and then it would be perfect Tongue.

Gundam Encounters in Space: seems performance has been increased a bit, now plays at full speed.

Gundam Climax UC: greatly improved, with speedhack now it can reach full speed with small slowdowns in some areas (one of the games with fake readings Ikkitousen also was one).

Mobile Suit Gundam Zeonic Front: although menu transitions still lags the game works perfectly now XD.

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny Rengou Vs Zaft 2 plus: works perfectly speed ain't a problem.

Mobile Suit Gundam Meister: there's still the problem of lines showing up when scaling but performance has been improved perfectly playable on native.

FF XII: seems improved regarding speed didn't test it that much.

Well based on my experience seems that the base of the emu has been greatly improved (imho its quite a big step forward, congrats on a job well done), but the the EE cyclerate and VU stealing compatibility with games seems to have decreased, some games happen to just get fake readings and no speedup happens even if the slider on both options is moved only one level, with 0.9.7 this never happened, worst case scenario with 0.9.7 was that the speed impact of those two hacks sliders moved just one level was small. So out of curiosity did the speed hacks also got reworked or is it some incompatibility between them and the new Recompliers ?

PS: nice job with the realease really enjoyed it ^^.
[Image: c5bRDij.jpg]

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me too! although it might be that i have changed my power supply unit and graphics card. silent hill runs a lot better.
I just noticed a small bug here, the GSdx window doesnt show up after pausing/restarting emulation. I have to do that twice until thw window pops up. Maybe its a plugin fault...

And i noticed some general speed improvement, nice update.
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there doesn't seem to be a patch enable option in the latest release.
yes, there is a bug when closing the GS window with the Escape key, changing some config/options which don't returns when hitting the Escape again. For now the workaround is avoiding to close it.
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i'm also suprised about the improvements of pcsx2 i had many problems with the 0.9.6 version(sometimes it crashed) the new version is good
Yeah, that little bug when using Esc is annoying. There are 3 ways I know of dealing with it.

1) Re-pause, the resume again. Annoying, but no biggie.
2) Un-check the "Hide window when paused" option in the "GS Window" setting.
3) Don't use Esc. Use the Pause/Resume to pause. Not that you have to when changing settings, though...

Also, be careful if you use the red X to hide the GS window. It works OK, but DO NOT attempt to enter the GSdx settings when you do! That's a bigger bug. Wink

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