My pcsx2 0.9.8 experience

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me too! although it might be that i have changed my power supply unit and graphics card. silent hill runs a lot better.
I just noticed a small bug here, the GSdx window doesnt show up after pausing/restarting emulation. I have to do that twice until thw window pops up. Maybe its a plugin fault...

And i noticed some general speed improvement, nice update.
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there doesn't seem to be a patch enable option in the latest release.
yes, there is a bug when closing the GS window with the Escape key, changing some config/options which don't returns when hitting the Escape again. For now the workaround is avoiding to close it.
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i'm also suprised about the improvements of pcsx2 i had many problems with the 0.9.6 version(sometimes it crashed) the new version is good
Yeah, that little bug when using Esc is annoying. There are 3 ways I know of dealing with it.

1) Re-pause, the resume again. Annoying, but no biggie.
2) Un-check the "Hide window when paused" option in the "GS Window" setting.
3) Don't use Esc. Use the Pause/Resume to pause. Not that you have to when changing settings, though...

Also, be careful if you use the red X to hide the GS window. It works OK, but DO NOT attempt to enter the GSdx settings when you do! That's a bigger bug. Wink

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