My settings - can i change something else for better emulation?
Hi. I have recently made my config for 0.9.6 r2186 for good emulation of Mortal Kombat Armageddon and I' m preety pleased about what i got. I' m almost always @ 50fps (PAL version) and the only arenas i get fps drops are "Goro' s lair", "The belltower" and the one with roll and magma. But i wanted to meke it even better. These are my plugins and their settings:

And here is the rest of options:

What maybe usefull for you is that I have better GPU than my CPU, so maybe there is anything I can do to make emulator work more on my GPU then on my CPU as I have seen my CPU usage goes to ~ 99% when I get those lags and I' m sure my GPU usage is much much much much lower.

My system specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo E7600 OC @3,6GHz
ATI Radeon HD 4870 1GB 800/3700MHz
Windows XP Professional 32bit SP3

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You could grab the newer beta of pcsx2, that might help you Tongue
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No as it works worse for me. IDK why.
The answer is no.
worse in what way?
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Slower? That' s the case I'm talking about here. BTW when I had Radeo 4670 it seemed to run a little bit faster (when it comes down to pcsx2 emulation of course) then my new (well I have it for some time now) 4870. Could it be? Maybe becasue 4670 was DDR3 and 4870 is DDR5 and it runs on 4 processors (sort of) istead of 2 like in 4670?
The 4870 shouldn't be slower, also PCSX2 only ever uses a maximum of 2 processor cores.

oh i also noticed you are using supervu. in the new one make sure you use microvu, might be better Smile
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