My sound won't work properly?
When I start up KHIIFM it works and all but the sound kinda "lags", Not like I see lips moving then 5 seconds later it talks, but like it repeats the sound over and over and just lags, its hard to explain but it basically just like lags painfully. How can I fix this? And do you need more specific info to help me...?

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Oh and im also getting like 10FPS the second it gets ingame, like cutscenes get 80FPS but the second it hits the game it goes to 10FPS and its like unplayable.
First thing you should do is write what hardware you have, but without even knowing it for sure, if movies work ok, but in game lags awfully I can guess you have an old/weak graphic card or even some integrated one, sound is just side effect of that.
You could increase your fps slightly by checking "native" in GSdx config, possibly experimenting with frameskip(which works awfull in most games through) and set sound to asyncMix in SPU2-X config, but whatever you do it'll be far from enjoyable/playable. You need a good 50 or 60 fps depending what region is your game to normally play it, and it's quite sure your'll not be able to reach it without some possibly serious hardware upgrade;]. If you don't plan any upgrades, just give up trying to play on what you have now as it'll be a way of irritation at most and games in the first place should be fun;].
I have AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics as my Graphics card, Which I THINK Is Integrated. And the Native setting gives me alot of errors and won't let me start the game....
HD 6310 is only on the Zacate AMD chip. Which is their netbook APU. I highly doubt you'll be able to get an enjoyable experience out of PCSX2.

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