MyMC: "Save file already present," old file missing
Hello. I recently downloaded a .PSV save file from GameFAQs that I had exported and then imported using MyMC to a PS2 memory card for PCSX2. After some issues with my computer that I had to reset the computer to solve, I lost the save file but decided to download the same one again.

I followed the steps to use the file with the emulator again but now every time I try to import the file with MyMC it gives me an error that says the file is already present even though the old one is nowhere to be found, and can't be accessed by the emulator nor the game. Is the older file still "on" the computer, just somewhere I can't access? Will I just have to use another file? Not a big problem, but I'm confused that MyMC thinks I still have a file that I don't have.

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