Mymc command prompt problem
My mymc could not work on win 7. So, I'm using command prompt to import and export save files. But I have one problem with the export command. In the README file, it said that:
Quote:The basic usage template for mysc is "mymc memcard.ps2 command". The
first argument, "memcard.ps2" is the filename of the memory card image
while "command" is the name of the command you wish to use on the
image. So for example, assuming you've installed mymc in "c:\mymc"
and you've installed PCSX2 in "c:\pcsx2" you could enter the following
command to see the contents of the memory card in the emulator's slot

c:\mymc\mymc c:\pcsx2\memcards\Mcd001.ps2 dir

You would see output something like this:

154KB Not Protected SYSTEMDATA

5KB Not Protected Configuration

BASLUS-20488-0000D SOTET<13>060:08
173KB Not Protected Arias

7,800 KB Free

This is the simple "user friendly" way to view the contents of a
memory card. It displays the same information you can see using the
PlayStation 2 memory card browser. On the right is name of each save,
and on the left is the size and protection status of the save. Also
on the left is one bit of information you won't see in the browser,
the directory name of the save file. PlayStation 2 saves are actually
a collection of different files all stored in a single directory on
the memory card. This is important information, because you need to
know it to export save files

As mentioned above, if you know the directory name of a save, you can
export it. Exporting a save creates a save file in either the EMS
(.psu) or MAX Drive (.max) format. You can then transfer the save to
real PS2 memory using the appropriate tools. You can also send the
saves to someone else to use or just keep them on your hard drive as a
backup. The following command demonstrates how to export a save in
the EMS format using mymc:

c:\mymc\mymc c:\pcsx2\memcards\Mcd001.ps2 export BASLUS-20448-000D

I could not see any directory of the save file which the readme referred. And when I did like the example above said, the error occurred on the cmd screen:
"save file name": directory not found

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Quote:My mymc could not work on win 7.
It works fine here..what's your problem?
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(01-02-2012, 10:55 AM)Bositman Wrote: It works fine here..what's your problem?

I'm using win 7 and it's not working for me. Now, i'm using mymc via command prompt but it stuck at export point.
Yes but it should work so if you describe what 'not working for me' means maybe we can debug that point instead of the command prompt.
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I already answered here

I already answered here

And btw
BASLUS-20488-0000D SOTET<13>060:08

c:\mymc\mymc c:\pcsx2\memcards\Mcd001.ps2 export BASLUS-20448-000D
lack of runtime is the problem, needs msvc2008 redist
No it's one zero missing from the save to export
the missing zero affects mymc working?
Mymc works fine(otherwise he wouldn't be able to list the memory card content)but the command line that he used to export the save is missing one zero from the save name and because of it he got the "save file name": directory not found" message

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