N00b Looking For Help! <:O
Hello guys... as you can read the saying... Yes I am a Noob.... IDK WHAT the Hel im doing except for prob 1/2 of it... so Here are some questions I need to ask:

1.) How do I get the memcards working Properly... or if There working at all...

2.) Every time I try Putting in a Game it says " Error Opening CDVD Plugin "... What does that mean? and if Possible how do i fix it?

I will most Likely Be Editing the questions/ Adding more. So hang tight.

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* EDIT *

Ok Heres the Others... I am Trying to play Ghost Rider, the Video game. and Every time it would Load up and all and It would just show the Picture of Him... and Nothing else... No sign of it Loading or Any ale of picking a Game Menu, or Etc... it juts shows the pic of him.
please don't open multiple threads for the same problems. follow the very detailed configuration guide for pcsx2 before asking any questions.
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