NASCAR Thunder 2003 Stutter and lag issue.
So, it seems like NASCAR Thunder 2003 lags and stutters on my PC. This intermittent stuttering happens like every 8-ish seconds or so, and lasts about 4-6 seconds, then it goes back to normal for a bit, rinse and repeat.

I've seen a couple videos of people emulating it on YouTube, and it seems like they don't have this issue. Specifically this video: (seems to be running at a higher framerate too).
I tried using the settings for the graphics plugin he has posted in the description, but my emulator still has this stuttering/lag issue. I tried to reach out to him and ask him what his settings where in more detail and the version of PCSX2 he was using, but to no avail, he never got back to me. 

Strangely, NASCAR 2006 runs just fine with 0 slowdown and very little to NO issues with lag or stutter. So I'm at a loss here.

Does anyone have any pointers? Any suggestions? I've posted this question on the unofficial subreddit, but its either not being noticed, or something else. Anything would be of great help.

My specs and PCSX2 version:
PCSX2 1.6.0
CPU: i7-8700k @ 3.70ghz
GPU: 1070ti 4gb
RAM: 16gb
Operating Sys: Win 10 Pro

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