NBA 2K7 - Still hangs after splash
Hi, I'm curious if anyone's figured out a workaround (or maybe prafull made a patch?) for NBA 2K7. I've attempted every conceivable combination of settings and have never managed to get past the third "2K" splash screen. It seems that NBA 2K8 and above all work perfectly fine, but 2K7 and 2K6 hang on startup. From what I've heard, many of the NBA/NHL/NFL 2K games suffer from this, but if any of these games have been patched (as NHL 2K8 was just recently), I assume the same problem can be patched in other games. I've attached a log containing the issue. Thanks for the help!

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In less than a few hours, prafull whipped me up a patch! Check the main thread for an NBA 2K6 and NBA 2K7 patch!

Prafull, you're a true wizard! Laugh

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