NBA Street Series
Me and a small community of maybe 10 people tried this and dolphin to emulate these games, coming up well short from a "playable" experience. Our goal is to modify them with textures and other hacks to update the rosters of one or more of these games. I finally decided to ask for help rather than search and play with settings mindlessly.

I think it is generally accepted (after many searches) that the 3 games in the NBA Street series are some of the most demanding games to emulate. Once more than 3 players are shown on screen, performance goes from full 60fps to 20-30, seemingly regardless of settings.

I've tried many different settings following various guides; dx9, dx11, speedhacks on/off, muting the sound, ZeroGS and GSdx plugins (properly using SSE3) and at the end of it all, I just watch these youtube videos in disbelief....Street 1 & Street v3.

So, what settings should I try, and has anyone actually gotten these games to work (that are still active around here). I have messaged the uploaders of those videos in the past to no response.

My Specs
Win 7 32-Bit
Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.40
3g RAM
1g GTX 560 Ti


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One of the reason that's smooth is Fraps does record frame by frame meaning, Even if its slow Once you record it via fraps and play it, it would look like it's running smoothly
[Image: 2555882.png]
I can understand that with the Street 1/2K11 video with no sound, but can the sound sync like that in the Street 3 video?

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