NBA Street V2 Weird Fix
Enable MSAA in the Video -> Plugin Settings -> Configure -> MSAA in the drop down list and the game should run at a constant 60 fps. I upscale my game to 720p, 1080 causes fps drops. No other speed hack is required as long as you have sufficient pc specs, here's a shortned version of mine.

i5-3570k OC @ 4.3ghz
12gb ram

Has anyone else found any weird fixes for the game?

I'm having a friend rip the game on his system to see if it's not just a coincidence. Here are his pc specs.

i5-4670k OC @ 4ghz
460 768mb
8gb ram

Both machines are running Windows 8.1

Confirmed, after enabling MSAA 4x on two machines, the game runs buttery smooth.

Resolutions up to 1600x900 are running the game great, DX 11 hardware mode. People with better graphics cards may be able to go higher.

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So MSAA improves your fps?
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