NBA street v3 problem

Hey guys Ihave the latest pcsx2 .0.9.7 the game is running well my only problem is when i set my renderer to d3d9 (hardware) theres a problem with the graphics (squares to pin point the problem) but when set to d3d9 (software) the graphics is good but it is also.Help me with my problem plz.

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What's the problem with the graphics in hardware? What problem in software? Any screenshots?
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Hardware renderer

Graphics has squares.

Software renderer

Ok graphics gameplay is slow low fps
Try the DirectX 10/11 (Hardware) or (Software) mode for correcting the graphics error Tongue2 (PS: if your graphics card supports them!)
Also, if you are using some speedhacks or game fixes, disable that and try again! Tongue2
Tweaking settings in the GSdx (LOG Z , FBA, etc.) might be the cause.

Well, what do you mean by Graphics has squares. Post your screenshots please!
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