NCAA 09 playable??
I swear that a while back I tried to play NCAA 09 on the newest version of PCSX 2 and while the menu screens were fine, no on-field graphics worked at all. Did someone figure it out? I would love to know for sure because if it does, I'm on my way to buy it right now. Thanks!

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Ok I rented it and am amazed to find that all the textures do indeed load now, but it is sllllllloooooooooooooooooooooow. Like very slow. Has anyone found settings to get it to run smooth? I have a quad core 9950, 4gb RAM, and an ATI 1gb 4870 so I'm not convinced my PC is the issue. I can play most other games that work at a plenty playable FPS and this one is really slow.

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