Hello, im new to pcsx2. i have it downloaded so far and i kind of understand how to set it up but my problem is the bios or isos or game or whatever it is im messing up or not understanding to start the game. i got the main menu to open a few times but the game never downloaded when i put it in the bios folder and now pcsx2 cant find my game or iso or whatever. im not computer smart so if you could explain how i can add my iso to pcsx2 and then load it up using simple words so i dont get lost that would be much appreciated. im trying to play Dot Hack G.U. Vol 2. i turned it into a iso or bio i think.

the files names inside are:

DATA(folder)-data.cvm, demo.prg, desktop.prg, evvoice2.afs, game.prg, icon.bin, ioprp300.img, modules.bin, plbattle.afs, plvoice.afs, snddata.bin, sound.afs, stream.afs

LOGO_C.PSS, LP2000.PSS, (folder)ev, (Folder)news, (folder)online

Online(Folder)- Wm2011.PSS, WM2021.PSS, WM2031.PSS

news(Folder)- EM2011.PSS, EM2031.PSS, EM2041.PSS, FM2011.PSS, FM2021.PSS, FM2031.PSS, SM2011.PSS, SM2021.PSS, SM2041.PSS, SM2071.PSS, TM2031.PSS

ev(Folder)- LOGO_H.PSS, MM20100.PSS, MM20110.PSS, MM20120.PSS, MM20430.PSS, MM20430.PSS, MM20710.PSS, MM20720.PSS, MM21210.PSS, MM21710.PSS, MM22110.PSS, MM22410.PSS, MM22710.PSS, MM23010.PSS, MM23020.PSS, MM23610.PSS, MM23620.PSS, MM23630.PSS, MM23705.PSS, MM23710.PSS, MM23720.PSS, MM23730.PSS, MM24010.PSS, MM24020.PSS, NEXT02.PSS, OPM2.PSS, PM23615.PSS, PM23630.PSS, PM23640.PSS, ROOTS1.PSS, ROOTS2.PSS

Those are all the folders and files inside. please dont be to harsh on me because im new to this emulator stuff, and please try your best to simplify your answer because i dont know all the terms or what files is where and what not.

Thank you very much in advance.

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a set of computer instructions in firmware that control input and output operations
BIOS stands for: Basic Input/Output System

and read about what an ISO is:
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Quote:but the game never downloaded when i put it in the bios folder
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