NEED HELP- 3D Model extract from PCSX2
Hi all,

I want Extract 3Dmodel from PS2 Game - SD GUNDAM GG NEO with PCSX2 v1.6.0 and Texmod 0.9b.
You can check my config as the image below. But I only received 1 file ".gs". ( no obj file )
Someone say "if you want the obj file then, you would need to use the 0.9 .8 version of pcsx2". So I tried with Ver 0.9.8 , and Yesss. I have Obj files but the 3D model was missing  many Polygon!!!
May I did something wrong???

Plz help me if there are have a solution.
Many thanks.

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PCSX2 stopped supporting .obj exporting after version 0.9.8. You are not seeing the entirety of the model most likely because the game is using backface culling at that given moment. This means that the faces of the mesh that aren't seen in that scene are not rendered, and as such PCSX2 is only extracting the rendered faces. I'd recommend trying to rip various scenes across the game to see if one of them doesn't use backface culling.

As for the textures, PCSX2 has merged texture dumping support into its master branch. You might want to check it out in case Texmod is too bothersome to you.

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