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(NEW POST) New to PCSX2, have some questions
so im new to PCSX2 but i know a bit about it, i have a couple of questions.

A: i have Midnight club 3 DUB edition remix on my PS3 as a download but want to play it on PCSX2 with the better FPS and MSAA, is it possible to transfer my save data from my PS3 to the emulator? i have the disk for this game

B: i also have Need for Speed: Underground and when i play it there are vertical red bars ever the image, is it because i got the EU version and not the EN version? if not how can i fix it?

I cant say if underground is a (3 letter word i cant say) or a disk or ill get another post locked,

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You don't get to just make a new thread either dude. That's not how it works.

You want support now, you gotta prove you own the games with pictures of them and your screen name in the same shot.
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