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NFS HP2 60 FPS patch ERROR
when i wanted to run 60 fps patch for need for speed hot pursuit 2 i received very weird spammed cycl error with weird numbers on console. the game didnt run, black screen. could someone share with me correct 60 fps file? i made my own one but didnt work please help me Sad
NTSC version of the game

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Not a bug, moving to support
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i thought its a bug of emulator that doesnt allow me to run this cheat
It's not a bug with the emulator itself, but the patch instead.

60 FPS patches are mostly untested and can result in various issues.
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i saw someone running need for speed on 60 fps but i cannot do that for myself ._.
Why don't you search the forums for a working patch then? Another thing to consider is that it may not needed for this game.
there is no download link for the file, i was searching it for ages.
Well then unfortunately you'll just have to play the game as it is, unless you want to make your own patch Smile

after i wrote this line, running on 60 fps didnt work

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.pnach   1D2818AF.pnach (Size: 37 bytes / Downloads: 285)
the game runs on 40-60hz avg speed 75% but runs on like 15 fps or even less

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