NFS: Pro Stree problems
Alright, now i'm not having any binding problems, i have a usb controller (Looks like the PS2 equivalent).

But when i start up the game & create a profile, i get ~15-20 fps constantly, in a race it hangs ~30 fps.

Now my PC specs aren't great, but if anyone could give any upgrade advice it'd be appreciated, pc specs are in my profile, and it could be my cpu.


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that's definitely your CPU
make sure you use latest svn with mtvu hack enabled, recommended speedhacks, and set ee cycle rate to 1 (to begin with. Increase it if it's not enough)

Hope it helps, even if we all know that AMD bulldozer architecture is known to perform very badly with pcsx2 (and with gaming in general)
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put the skipdraw on gsdx to 1 or 2 under the hw hacks section, this helps greatly with pro street.
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Okay i've changed all the settings said, still getting a bit of fps spikes, but only at the start of races.

Thanks guys Smile

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