NFS Underground 2 glitchy on good settings?
Hello. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I need help. In the video below, you can see how glitchy the game is when my settings are specifically set how they're in the pictures. Those settings work the best for all of my other games. Changing the renderer to Software from Hardware does fix the issue, but the graphics are terrible. On YouTube, there are people who've uploaded NFS UG2 gameplays and they are HD & not glitchy. Any help appreciated!

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8GB 1600 MhZ RAM
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[Image: 5mMk08r.jpg][Image: pOdY60Y.jpg][Image: M3gjzZF.jpg]

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custom resolution isn't a good idea.
set internal res to 2x or 3x native instead.

DUnno if the half pixel offset hack is a good idea for this game either...
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What version of pcsx2 are you using?
[Image: ref-sig-anim.gif]

Actually I fixed the issue by updating to 1.5.0, setting it to 4x instead of custom and OpenGL hw instead of Direct3D11 hw. Also, changed Skipdraw to 1 which fixed broken gauge & menu textures. All the other settings were untouched to fix this. Thanks anyway c:

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