NFSU2 playable[PAL]
I'm not to sure if there is a thread already for this but sorry if there was.
it is as the title says.
in the mountain area it was running around 85-95 fps
this might have been a bit slower because this was in 1080 and in dx9(which i think the colors are better Tongue)

i think anyone with a 3ghz+ quad core might be able to play this in low to native res.and maybe a 3.85ghz+ dual core.

I used Pcsx2 0.9.8 r4600 (newer versions dont seem to work properly)

I don't think plugins would make a difference except for not using zerogs

EE Cyclerate= 2(must or will be too slow)
VU Cycle stealing= 1
and all of the recommended speedhacks
CPU:i7 870 @3.85ghz(don't want to clock higher or else it starts freezing all the time because i've tried it @4.2ghz)
GPU:GTX460 768mb
HDD:1tb(forgot brand Tongue)

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Thanks for the report, however there is a thread already dedicated to stuff like this
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