NHL Hitz 20-02 - Playable, with Multitap Support on 1.2.1
(I'm gonna submit a bug report, but i figure i'd see if anyone has had any success first)

When I try HITZ 2002 on 0.9.6, it crashes on the second loading screen (see attached shot). On beta 1888, it hangs on this screen. I've tried this on both my systems, with the same results.

I've tried ZeroGS and GSdx, in hardware and software modes with both versions. I've also tried all the Round Modes.

Anybody had any luck? If you haven't played this game, it's the best multiplayer sports game ever imo (esp with 6 human players)

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Well, If you go to the Compatibility tab of www.pcsx2.net , maybe you would see that this game is only going to go this far. (As per 0.9.6) As much as I hate this news, (because I love NHL as well) this is the verdict now.
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Yes, I saw that. Just hoping that someone has had success with changing some of the settings, or using hacks. I got excited when the beta didn't crash at that second loading screen.

GREAT news: HITZ 2002 is PLAYABLE on 0.9.7 Beta!
There are some glitches with the shadows, but that's the only graphical issues i've seen. Looks great.
I consistently get 22-26 fps in-game, with EE at 100% the entire time. Hopefully I'll be able to test it on a Core i7 machine running Win7 x64 real soon.
HITZ 2002 has the same behavior in r3878 that it did in r1888: hangs on the NHL licensing loading screen.

It was playable on r3113, but maxed out at about 22-26 fps, whether it was on my Core i3 HTPC, or a Xeon X5650 with 24GB RAM.
NHL Hitz 2002 is 100% PLAYABLE and FULL SPEED on PCSX2 1.0! On my systems, i had to set VU Cycle Stealing to 1 for it to run at 60fps. Plays perfectly, and the only graphical glitch I've seen is that shadows flicker. Thanks to everyone on the team, this has been a long time coming
Unfortunately, the only thing I've found that does not work in this game is the Multitap support in LilyPad. It works fine in HITZ 2003 and Pro, but not with this game.
The virtual Multitap now works in 1.2.0! The game plays at fullspeed, and works with two multitaps. The only issue I see is that all of the shadows flicker.
Why a thread titled over a very very old version was brought to (un)life?
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i kinda forgave it because it was his thread. but evidently nobody really cared about this game Tongue2
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