Poll: Which non No Mercy game wrestling on an emulator do you wish used mp3 modding or a program like NMThing to do it?
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WWE Smackdown - Here Comes The Pain
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WWE SvR 2011 (WWE'12 Patch)
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Fire Pro Wrestling (GBA Or PS2)
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NMThing modding music on ANY SvR PCSX2 game. Please tell it can be done. Really Jes?
Holy Crap! I just went to an internet cafe and realized I know how to play every single Smackdown! Vs Raw for the PS2 on an emulator that seems to work on just about any Windows 7. Oh plus I finally figured out the grapple system on Fire Pro enough to enjoy the create-a-player and the awesome amount of moves. I didn't get to try that Dolphin for Gamecube but last time I checked Day Of Reckoning was never meant to work on an emulator or just doesn’t. Plus they have those YouTube clips on how to download WWE’12 for WII somehow but I’m not sure if it comes with and DLC. Doubt it would.

Point being with all these other wrestling games is there a possible frigging way to use the NMthing or something of the like towards the same purpose of replacing in game music with mp3’s? To be honest I’m holding on for dear hope that instead of making some Legends of Wrestlemania or All Stars they make quick update to Here Comes The Pain. You know with a few of the new features of the current product. But most importantly using that more simplistic control system. Though I personally liked Shut Your Mouth more as far as grapple controls and the backstage season exploration concept. Was never enough people around but it was fun getting on the train.

Anyhow even games like Mayhem, Attitude, those ECW titles also by Acclaim, from the last PS2 SVR’s to the Fire Pro’s on PS2 back to GBA. Hell back to first PSX Smackdown! games even Wrestlefest on the Raine and MAME. Anyone of those games would be a bit more playable using new music. Good lord anything but that X-Box Raw mod crap plus it only uses wav’s. By the way did anybody else enjoy that Wrestlemania 21 game? Speaking of which that was the first time I ever used a ”custom soundtrack”.

*Edit*So JesAlevin instead of actually helping new people on this site and simply letting me know so I could just deleted the part that gave you a menstruation you closed the post? Wow another Forum Mod on a Friday night looking for any excuse to. be a condescending douch hole I bet you get laid left and right.

*****, I bet sometimes you use both hands. "Sign", learn to not use the real as pathetic excuse to be an *****.*Edit*

Holy Diarrhea Crap! How did I forget an obvious game that be great with NMThing music…. Wrestlemania 2000. Always liked the camera shot of the Titan Tron during those entrances. Well Hot Damnantion Jason Stackhouse! (True Blood mark) Music’ll work mighty fine on those VPW deals too.

[Image: WWFWrestleMania2000Usnap0001_zpsee72b835.jpg]

Anyway blah, blah thanks again guys. JO

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