"NO PLAYER NOT FOUND" when resuming game in itadaki Street Special
Hi there, currently running 1.40 on Windows 10

So this has happened once before, I load up my "In Progress" game for Itadaki Street Special. I use the SCP Toolkit to connect my DS3 via USB. I can control the game on the main menu and such, but when I load up my saved game, the controls suddenly lock up. I open the console and it'll say NO PLAYER NOT FOUND.

When it happened the first time, I assumed it was because I had swapped my Save game for a "complete" save I got on Gamefaqs (I'm fixing the fan made English translation you see). I just started a new game and I was fine.

For the past couple of weeks or so, it's been fine, even yesterday. But today I was installing my new GTX 1060 (Oh man! What a difference!). I unplugged my DS3 via USB when installing the card and the software and plugged it back in when trying out PCSX2 and that's when I get the error, so I'm thinking there's some kind of weird bug where somehow the game doesn't "see" the same controller somehow?

Any ideas? Before I was in an easy position and could just restart my game, but in the currrent case I'd lose a good few hours of progress.

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