NPPL Problems

Ive got some problems with this game, NPPL CHampionship Paintball 09 =/
The menu works fine, but when it starts rendering the actual grfx, it jams after a few seconds, and it never lets me get into the actual gameplay =/

Any possible solutions? Im sure its pretty obvious, but im still a noob be patient tnx =]


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PCSX2 settings? Plugin settings? Any kind of errors in the console/output window when you get the problem?
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Linuz Iso

Not really any errors, just microVU1: Cached microprograms etc, and the occasional Recompiler reset.

BTW, my specs are, I7 920 @ 2.67 Ghz, 6 GB DDR3 and a GTX 285 2GB, so i doubt its a hardware problem unless they are incompatible
That's barely the plugins you're using, please post your settings, screenshots preferably.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64

Any more settings needed?
it sucks being a noob and not knowing what people want =/Sorry
best thing to do would be to erase that crap you downloaded, and use offical latest beta instead.
We don't support unofficial builds
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I used the unofficial build because for some reason ive always had more compatibility with the unoficcial builds. I still have the oficcial beta installed, but that works even worse most of the time, but if you say its better i use the oficcial one, i will =]
it's better to use the official one, if you dont report compatability issues with the official one (when an unofficial one works) we cant fix it! but please try the 3878 beta. or if you can get somebody to build you r4080 (without modifying it), you could give that a go too, might be slightly more stable than 3878
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good point, ok i will =]

Ok, with the oficcial latest release beta, im still getting shut out when the 3d objects start rendering, but also now the objects seen on the jammed screen have texture problems, but i can live with that aslong as i can play the game =]

Any thing you can deduce that might be wrong?
Bump Anyone?
Sorry that im being a pest, but i'm becoming frustrated at this constant trial and error with no success. Ive atleast gotten to the point where it goes into the game (with bugged textures) and there is the 3,2,1 countdown, but it does it in slowmo and it never actually finishes because the game just freezes and becomes non responding
There's no need to bump your threads specially if not older than a day.

You still haven't posted your settings or screenshots so there's not much we can do, try some gamefixes in the latest beta, try enabling speedhacks if you have any enabled. Take in count not all games are compatible with PCSX2.
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