NTSC games with USA Bios

I currently have a USA bios - can I play a NTSC game with it? Does NTSC region mean Europe or something?

when I searched for compatibility on http://pcsx2.net/compat.php?c=search it shows only U version of Metal Gear Solid 3 - Subsistence is playable and the E version (I'm amusing NTSC) is not fully comparable.

How could I find a NTSC bios, I don't have that. Any suggestions?

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There is NTSC-US and NTSC-J (Japan). Pal is for european countries.

Region notations are U for US, E for Europe and J for Japan.
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You can use any region bios to play any region game.
Just don't use J region games if you don't understand Japanese...
I'd assume they'd know that... It's rare that people buy a japanese game thinking they can read it if they don't know japanese.

To explain a bit more to the OP, NTSC stands for National Television System Committee. They basically set up the standard for TV broadcasts in North America and the majority of south america. It's since been adopted by many other countries including parts of Asia (Japan, South Korea, and I think a few others). The main factor everyone attributes to NTSC is the fact that it's standard is a 60hz refresh rate (or 60 frames per second).

Most of Europe, Africa, the middle east, etc all use the PAL or SECAM standards for television. The main thing about PAL is that it only has a refresh rate of 50hz (50 frames per second) but has slightly better colors and slightly higher resolution. SECAM is more or less the same as PAL... It's just that at one point France was upset because of all the channels being broadcast from other countries and were afraid their citizens would be influenced. So they basically just modified PAL enough so that normal french TVs couldn't watch broadcasted PAL television. I think now a days, all PAL TVs are pretty much compatible with SECAM and viseversa... though I don't live in Europe so I'm not positive.
Wow, France is silly...what a dumb reason to make your own TV format.
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