NTSC to Pal or Pal to NTSC Image Converter?
Is there such an Converter out there because everything that i found on google where either trojans or ***** that didnt work..

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What do you mean by 'image converter"? Are you talking about bmp/jpg/etc image files? or PS2 DVD ISO image files? For ISO image file, no, there can't be a tool that converts any PS2 DVD between NTSC/PAL.
hmm yeah i ment Ps2 iso files weird i Read in lots of Forums about that.
There could be tools that override region protection, and change the output mode (resolution/refresh rate), but the content itself remains identical. Resolution changes wouldn't matter in PCSX2 unless you use native resolution (and even if, not by much), and refresh rate changes are not THAT important IMO.

So while such tool might be useful for a real PS2, it's usefulness for PCSX2 would be negligible IMO.

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