NVIDIA GameStream no sound?

My friend wants to watch me play some PS2 games through GameStream, so I downgraded my GSDx plugin to the one found in PCSX2 0.9.6 to be able to access exclusive full screen mode. Now, I'm able to share my video, but sound is not coming through to the other line.

I've tried changing modules between XAudio and DirectSound in SPU2-X as well as using the ZeroSPU plugin instead, but while I hear the sound on my end, it is not coming through on GameStream. All other games work fine though.

Could I get some advice on how to fix this?

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Probably some misadjustment in GameStream. Possibly related to improper forwarding of output sources on your pc or of input sources on your friends pc. Nevertheless it doesnt sound like a pcsx2 related problem.

Make sure you can stream any sound from your pc to his'.

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