NVIDIA Quadro NVS 256MB DDR3 vs Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD 1 GB?
Which one is better? I know both are bad so please do NOT say again and again in this thread that none of these are good. I am just asking that which one is better so please share your opinion.

1. NVIDIA Quadro NVS
- Dedicated
- 256 MB
- DDR3
- DirectX 10
- Shader 4.0

2. Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD
- Integrated
- 1 GB
- DirectX 10
- Shader 4.0

I am really confused, I guess Quadro is better, is'nt it?

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There is no direct answer to that since the way an integrated GPU and a dedicated GPU work differently on different situations, with that meaning that depending on what and when you do something you will get different results in speed and quality. So the answer is not easy, 256MB dedicated for GPU is soooo "yesterday" (even my ooold laptop had 368MB DDR3 dedicated to GPU but it sucked on pretty anything) and on the other side Intel IGPUs tend to bottleneck always everything which causes never reaching to the quality and speed that they promise to deliver. I have equal reasons to believe that both will suck at a simmilar level but on different aspects and situations, for example, the Nvidia one will have serious issues in crowded areas even at native resolution but Intel will get too fast hot and it will result same if not worse results with the Nvidia one, let alone the bad quality of Intel IGPUs...
For the pricerange of those cards you list there are atleast twice better options than those btw.
@VIRGIN KLM, do you think that NVIDIA Quadro will do better than Intel GMA at PCSX2? (Note: I will be playing Dragonball Z Budokai 2 which hopefully will run well with the new lappy I am going to buy)

Anyways, this will be the configuration:

Dell e6500
Core 2 duo @ something like 2.5 GHz

And I have a choice in between those graphics card, I can choose whichever I need in my this laptop. So which one do you think will be good with this configuration and at PCSX2?
I don't mean to dissapoint you but I doubt it will run good or even near to good whatever you choose for card since the bottlenecking factor of will be your CPU and I doubt any card will help even a bit. By experience, Core 2 Duos don't perform well/satifying to anything under 3GHz and even then, this generation of CPUs has some major issues like overheating, so combined this to a laptop is a bad idea. They are a bit under (if not on par) with AMD CPUs which are pretty like the worst case scenario for PCSX2. The RAM won't affect anything, PCSX2 is not RAM demanding. So my final point is that you will almost never meet a point that your GPU will be the limmiting factor because it's your CPu that will be the issue. DBZB2 also is a pretty demanding game btw... :/
Dedicated cards are usually better than integrated, ESPECIALLY integrated Intel cards.
Even the crappiest IGP from AMD/Nvidia is better than Intel's. The current generation of Intel HD does improved a lot but it still falls behind the current generation of AMD APU.

Quadro ftw.
Well thanks a lot all of you for replying, I know it still won't be good configuration but...

In start of 2010, I had a 768 GHz Pentium 2 + 64 MB RAM + 4 GB Hard Disk and I was able to get 20+ FPS (in menu) and 3+ FPS (in game) at PCSX2 with Dragonball Z Budokai 2.

In end of 2010, I had a 2.26 GHz Pentium 4 + 256 MB RAM + 40 GB Hard Disk + NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX/MX 400 (with no pixel shader + 64 MB memory) and I was able to get 25+ FPS (in menu) and 7+ FPS (in game) at PCSX2 with Dragonball Z Budokai 2.

In end of 2011, I had a Centrino 1.60 GHz + 512 MB RAM + 60 GB Hard Disk + Intel Extreme Graphics 2 (with no pixel shader + 64 MB memory) and I was able to get 30+ FPS (in menu) and 10+ FPS (in game) at PCSX2 with Dragonball Z Budokai 2.

Now this week, I am going to get Core 2 duo 2.26 GHz + 4 GB RAM + 180 GB Hard Disk + NVIDIA Quadro NVS (with 4.0 shader + DDR3 + 256 MB memory + Direct X 10) and I am hoping to get 50+ FPS (in menu) and 30+ FPS (in game) at PCSX2 with Dragonball Z Budokai 2.

Remember guys, I set 512x512 resolution, so will I really be not able to get this much FPS with even these specifications? As far as I can judge, I should be able to get 30+ FPS (in game) with 512x512 resolution. What do you think? Will I be able to get this much?
And do you guys think that if I overclock the processor to 3+ GHz then the PCSX2 would work fine?
Dunno if it's a good idea to overclock a laptop... Most of them even in stock clocks have overheating issues...
What do you think about emulating? Would it be fine if I set 512x512 resolution?

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