NVM files
Hi ppl what is this NVM file related to?
It dont allow me to start psx2 running...

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an NVM file needs the .BIN and .MEC (might not be needed, also could have extention wrong) files from a bios
ok ty for tip
The NVM file stores the settings you set in your BIOS configuration. It is dumped by the BIOS dumper but PCSX2 can generate it too.
If you're getting errors about not being able to create it, it means you have permission problems as described in the FAQ (along with the solution):
Quote:My settings are not being saved / Error creating memcard

Right click on pcsx2.exe and select 'Run as administrator' (Vista / Windows 7 only) and/or install PCSX2 on a folder you have rights to write (like My Documents)
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I already try it but its always the same thing.

I already have psx2 working but it was before i change from win7 32b to the 64b...

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