Namco X Capcom Freeze Problem

is there any chance to prevent NamcoXCapcom from freezing within the tutorial guide? There is a little window which runs a video that shows the ingame scenario according to the chosen help subject. Unfortunately, once the video ends the game death freezes. It seems the video loop routine is the trigger. I already tried the MPEG skip hack but it cause the game even won't load anymore. Sad

any clues?? plz

greez ei8ht

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more likely you enabled the [Not recommended] tagged speed hacks has a potential to break/freeze games try disable that 1st.
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Skip MPEG hack should be working correctly with it, other than that just try not to go into the tutorials? Tongue2
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watch the tutorial videos on youtube if you must see them..

as soon as I run into a non working game I will set pcsx2 back to mama(default setup) at once. if that won't change nothing I try to determine the responsible sys plugin by using a step per step exclusion rule. the mpeg hack makes the problem even worse as the game won't boot anymore. Sad
This problem wouldn't mind me however once I did use the pause function in anticipation of being able to avoid the freeze spot and then watch at least the help text unfortunately I ran into another problem. that damn help text disapears once by hitting the pause button. wtf.
Without this help function the game play is like chinese cheese for me. Sad((

What toturial video do you me?? I doubt anything but a specifig game hack could fix it.

Watch this:

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