Namco system 246
I just try running arcade bios r27v1602f.7d
It's working Biggrin

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Lol, they had at least 27 bioses'? Laugh
"... this makes a total of six ps2 based arcade boards bioses :
System 246 (A)
System 246 (B)
System 246 ©

System 256 (Rev_A)
System 256 (Rev_B)
.." Link
"Bootfile" place on memorycard (in, mame romset), but paritaly encrypted by dongle in second MC slot. Also SC3AC10.BIN in sc31na0b.chd (compressed iso, cen decompress by chdman.exe) encrytped too...
But tomorrow, i try to run system 256 bios lol

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