Narutimate Accel 2 Setup Options.
Hello everyone.

I am extremely new to this forum, and new to pcsx2.
I went through the guide and configurated the pcsx2 as close to the guide as possible.

The thing is now, i got the Narutimate accel 2 game, but i cannot seem to open it.
I know i'm doing something wrong, because i am never quite good at this..

It tells me:
"The specified Bios file was not to be found. A bios is required for pcsx2 to run"

"File not found"
D:\Narutimate\gant-nsna2\ (<--- iso file)

I have absolutely no idea what to do :s

I would greatly appreciate if i could get some help Blush

This is what it comes up with now Wacko

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Your screenshot clearly shows a downloaded game and as our rules state, we will not give any support for warez here.
Closed and warned
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