Naruto Shipuden Narutimate Accel 2 crashes
I've got problem with this game on every version (beta,svn) except the original stable version of pcsx2 0.9.6 from the official site.The error looks like this :
<EE> Tlb Miss, addr=0x40 [load]
<EE> PC:0x0019c820 Cycle: 0x5bcd395d
If anyone knows something about this please help me!I will really appreciate it

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i had some errors like these when i was playing persona 3.the game didn't crashed but the errors just appeared in the console.i solved the problem by setting the advanced config again to the default state.
I tried many combinations with cpu,speed hacks and advanced options but it always happens when you in game get clashed and you need to press one of three optional buttons(people who played it will understand it).I really don't know what is wrong
I think I found the way to make it work,I just unchecked both of the Flush to Zero options in Advanced menu and it hasn't crashed since-WOO HOO!!!

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