Naruto Shipuuden ultimate ninja 4 usa .Help
Hello, i am new to the program and this is the first game that i have a game for ps2. I have an iso file, althought inside it i cant find an .ELF file to play with psx2. Could anyone help me? ThanksHappy

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If you have a .iso file, then you can run from that directly. Use the Linuz ISO CDVD plugin and point it to your .iso file, then just Run > Execute. Or, if you are running the latest public beta, you can just click on File > Run ISO Image...
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Just a bit of a warning though, I just bought a copy of this game and ran into major setbacks since it crashes randomly on the latest public beta. It can be easily fixed by enabling MicroVU0 recompilation (MicroVU1 is not needed and can be turned off for extra speed)
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