Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2(ntsc) problem
Hello.A friend of mine has the ntsc version of naruto ultimate ninja 2.In pcsx2 compability list it says it is fully playable,but my friend can't play the game.I checked his config and it's very good(he can run a lot of other games).We tried the latest beta.His problem is the following.When he is playing story mode(i don't exactly how it's called)after he tries to enter a certain door the emulator crashes.I tried a lot of configs,but nothing works.Can anyone post a config so that my friend can play the story mode?Or,suggest something that i should try?

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Anyone?Please post something.
Normal thing to do would be get the latest PCSX2 public beta or older versions and see if the game runs, next do a search on forums I bet there's some thread with the info you need. I can think maybe try changing the "config > advanced" settings and the "config > speed hacks" (enabling and disbaling them) ones could help or trying to run the game from both the disc and making/remaking an ISO to discard problems. Also try running the game with both "run > execute" and "file > run cd/dvd".

Providing more info like what exactly does the console window say when the game crashes or the pcsx2 settings used can help as well. But take in count the emulator is not perfect and unsolvable problems can happen and in such cases well maybe that's why people didnt post cause they cant help Tongue2
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You probably have to set EE cycle at x1.5 or x2 in speed hacks
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The EE cucle rate is at x2 but itried also with x1.5 .
In config>advanced all settings are in their default state.I also tried with all the public beta that i have.(beta 791 -1329).
The console doesn't show anything.The emulator crashes and my friend gets the error from windows that says the emulator is not responding and the usual stuff.
Thanks for the feedback. That is very useful.

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