Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 playable without graphic card
Cool Hey guys I have tried the latest version of pcsx2.

Yesterday My Graphic card gave up on me Sad. I don't know what happened but it is not working now. I was able to play Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3.

Then out of curiosity I run the game without my graphic card and i was really surprise that Pcsx2 was actually able to run it flawlessly.

Thanks a lot for this new version I am loving it Smile

if you guys want I can post some screenshot of my settings and my system configuration.

At the moment (without graphic card)
CPU - intel core 2 6300 1.86 ghz
ram - 2gb
graphic - Intel 82945G express Chipset,
and I am using Windows 7 which says that I have total graphic memory of 256 mb.

Unfortunately I can't play those heavy graphic PC games but luckily I Have PCSX2 until i buy a new graphic card
<3 u guys

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