Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4
can some help me...
I'm playing Ultimate ninja 4 on my pc but it's always crashing on the desktop when i execute naruto's combo... dunno what to do...

i also tried dragon ball z budokai 3
it work's great on the newest pcsx2 release

can some one pls help me..
i'm new here...
but ive seen many threads in this forum...

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if you use serching you will find it but you not use it go to this link
i tried the solution in that post.. but it's still crashing
try to read Configuration Guide
and what version and Configuration did you use
i use the default cause it woks fine with dbzb3

ultimate ninja 4 woks fine it just crashes in some
combo cut scenes like
naruto's combo...
i do not know what is the problem it is work fine in my pc did you use any patch try enable patch = false
Go in speed hacks and set EE Cycle to x2. This has been answered a million times,do a search next time. Closed
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