Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4 - Crash while playing
Hell guys, i got a very nasty problem with my pscx2....

Well, first of all i got my bios and also some plugins. My configuration looks like this:

(Click link above. Btw.: It's German, sry!)

Besides... the game (Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4) starts, everything is fine for kinda 5 minute (i can play without disturbing, no laggs and so on), but then windows tells me that an error occured and that the application have to be closed. Without any hint what the problem could be! Once pscx2 closed after i used Rasengan with Naruto. Then i restarted the game, went to the same postion and used it again. With the result: No Error! Wacko

Its making me crazy and i really dont know whats wrong!

Does anyone know what im doing wrong? I really need help, it sucks to restart always the game after 5 minutes! SadSad

(When you need still more informations, tell me whats relevant and i will give you them as fast as possible!)

Im very amused about responses!



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use cycle rate X2
Wow, seems to function, but when it comes again i will ask you.

Such a big problem solved by a little click. Wink

Tyvm!!! LaughLaugh

Ah, btw., one more little question, how can i disable the sound? Because the sound is annoying when i want to talk to someone in Teamspeak. Blush

(Don't want to make a new thread because of that^^)
Try Module > No Sound in the Sound Plugin Config Menu.
Ok, functions, ty!
will cycle rate 1.5 also do the trick? cause i hate the fastness lol.
yes we know

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