Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5
Hello everyone, I am currently trying to run Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5 using the latest PCSX2 mac version. I am using the current plugins and using BIOS Europe v01.60. The window opens and you can see the fps changing but nothing is shown or heard in the window.

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Having same proplem. I dont know what to do.Marvel vs capcom 2 works alright, It does the same on Naruto ultimate ninja 3.

Probably have to wait for the next version of PCSX2 Mac (0.9.7) to come out with more compatibility, if you can get one game to work and the other won't.

It was "scheduled" to be released by zedr0n near the end of april, but we've been waiting indefinitely for 3 months now.

It would be nice if there were a compatibility list made for mac, but that would take a lot of time. I for one know that ATV offroad fury 4 and Burnout revenge do not work on 0.9.6 (the current mac version).

For now just try a bunch of different settings and see if you can get any picture. If anything, play around with the speed hacks and advanced settings. I had a similar problem and fixed it that way, but can't remember exactly how.

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