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Naruto Ultimate Ninja Japanese Voice mod/patch
Hello guys, I wanted to play the first Naruto Ultimate Ninja with the texts in English and with the original Japanese dubbing but the game does not give this option in any of its three versions (USA, EUR and JAP). I would like to know if anyone knows if there is a mod / patch that makes this possible, no matter what region the game is in because I have all three versions of it. I just wish I could play the game with English interface and original Japanese dubbing. If it does not exist, I would like to ask for help to anyone who has the habit of modifying isos to recommend me the programs that you use to change the texts and audio of a game. I tried in an amateur way to replace the files, it worked but not very well because the game has parts that are in different languages, in addition to many bugs. I did this using the USA and JAP version which has the most similar files. Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

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