Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 1
Hiya, I hope I posted on the right forum but my problem is this.

I have a Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm game in a folder and the folder contains:

01 - Opening.flac
02 - Main Title.flac
03 - Big Fight with the Giant Toad.flac
04 - Deadly Struggle.flac
18 - Permonition.flac

and last but not least:

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Limited Edition Soundtrack.cue

files, how do I run them on PCSX emulator?

I got the bios detected and everything, I just don't know how to run it Sad

Any help? Thank you.

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1) Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 1 is a PS3 game not a PS2 one.
2) That is not a an ISO of a game, it's a soundtrack.
3) This has nothing to do with plugin discussion...
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